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Parents/Guardians of Students in Gwinnett County Public Schools,

GCPS is preparing to start the 2020-21 school year as planned on August 5. As part of the planning process, we gathered feedback from families about their preferred way to return to school. A survey completed in mid-June showed that 43% of parents prefer a return to in-person instruction; 34% prefer 100% digital learning; and 23% prefer an option that combines in-person instruction with digital learning.

GCPS considered this feedback and other relevant information available at the time. We thoroughly studied combining in-person and digital learning. The many challenges related to this option make it one the school system cannot effectively manage with existing resources. Therefore,

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Keep your neighbors on your good side by avoiding these bad habits.


Never Taking Down Seasonal Decorations

It's July, but your mailbox still has a Santa hat on it and your holiday lights are still dangling from your roof. Your excuse? You'll have to put them up again soon anyway! No matter the holiday, when it's over, it's over. No one wants to see the Easter Bunny or rotting pumpkins from Halloween on your lawn months after the fact. 

Abandoning Old Furnishings In Your Yard

You may think that tossing your old couch in the woods behind your house is an easy way to avoid hauling it to the dump, but if your neighbors see it, it becomes an eyesore and your neighbors will think you're lazy! 

Letting Paint Get Ratty

An old, historic

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Smart shoppers know that comparing prices to find the best deal can pay off. However, buying the cheapest option doesn’t always mean you’re actually getting the best deal. In fact, it can make financial sense to spend more on some products and services to save money over the years.

“Sometimes, we might think we’re saving money on cheaper items, when in reality, splurging a little on the more expensive competitor would have saved us more over the long run,” said Matt Dworetsky, president of Dworetsky Financial in Wall Township, New Jersey. Keep reading to find out when splurging on the pricier option can help save you money over time.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Spending more on energy-efficient appliances can help you save money in the long

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Newsweek Amplify - Real Estate for Beginners

Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever-increasing in value with time. Even at a very small scale, real estate remains to be a proven method for building cash flow and wealth. With well-chosen assets, real estate investors can enjoy excellent returns, value appreciation, leverage, and diversification of their investment portfolio. For those who are worried about the current recession, there are stricter regulations to protect the housing market now, unlike the crashes experienced before. Due to the low correlation that real estate has with other asset classes, adding real estate to your investment portfolio can lower its volatility and provide a higher return per unit risk. One of the disadvantages of real estate investments, however, is the

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Sheltering in place and staying closer to home as restrictions start to ease can be an opportunity to put down deeper roots in the community where you live. From small actions like introducing yourself to neighbors to larger ones like lending a hand or organizing a (socially distanced) block party can all add up to help create a vibrant and resilient community. If you’re looking for somewhere to start or want to keep the momentum going, take a look at the following ideas and see if any resonate with you and would work in your neighborhood.

1. Hang Out on Your Porch or in Your Front Yard

Just being outside can signal to neighbors…
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If things go wrong and you need to back out of a home purchase, you may wonder if you can get out of the deal without penalty.  

You have house hunted so extensively that you believe you should have your own HGTV series. You find the home of your dreams, sign a purchase agreement, pay an earnest deposit, snag a great mortgage, and cannot believe your good fortune. And then, something goes wrong, and you wonder if you should pull out of the deal. 

Can you back out of a home purchase agreement? 

Yes, but the wording included in the purchase agreement makes all the difference. Purchase agreements usually include contingencies, which are situations in which you can back out of the contract without penalty.

If the reason you pull out of buying

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This week during our HRG team meeting, we were discussing what the real estate market looks like right now for our current buyers. After a slower spring market due to the pandemic, we saw an increase in the number of buyers who were ready to take advantage of the close to 3% mortgage rates to purchase a home.

However, while many sellers decided that now was the right time to sell, others have continued to wait - essentially creating a seller's market, making it more difficult for buyers to take their time to find their next home.

What does a seller's market look like?

What we're seeing is less homes on the market creating a 'sense of urgency' with our buyers. Gone are the days of having time to 'sleep on it' ... buyers are now being forced to

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It’s not as easy as home-improvement shows make it look.

Anyone who is as obsessed with HGTV as we are could be forgiven for indulging in fantasies of quitting your day job and reinventing yourself as a Fixer Upper–style home-improvement superstar. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be the next Joanna Gaines or Leanne Ford? But if your reveries are quickly outpacing your reality, you might want to think twice before diving head first into the house-flipping market. Shows tend to gloss over some of the less glamorous parts of the process (hello HVAC repair work), bend the constraints of time and space (you’re doing this all in a week, you say?), and price labor and materials at rates typically unseen in this century.

And did we mention that

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A pool’s impact on your property value depends on these variables.

Installing an in-ground pool costs upward of $30,000. It’s an eye-catching addition to your landscaping, and it makes your house the go-to hangout spot among friends and family. But is it worth the investment? Will a pool add value to your home? Like any home improvement, a well-designed pool should increase your property value, but the reality depends on several factors. Here, experts explain four things that affect the monetary worth of a backyard pool.

Buyer Characteristics

Any sale requires a buyer. If all the people viewing your property specifically want a pool, yours becomes more valuable. If none want a pool, it becomes less valuable. It all comes down to one question:

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Listerine is known for killing germs that cause bad breath, but winning the war against halitosis is hardly its only triumph. Antiseptic mouthwash can take on all sorts of tough tasks — here are 12 unexpected and amazing ways to use it.

1. Clean your garbage disposal. It's a brilliant but disgusting concept, really — a blender made especially for grinding up and flushing food refuse, built right into your kitchen sink. But after a while, you might notice it start to stink like a bowl of leftover chili that's been sitting in the sun for two weeks. Pour in a half-cup of Listerine and give the disposal a quick spin — the stench will be gone in no time.

2. Deodorize trash cans. Soak a paper towel in a little Listerine and place it

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