June 2019

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When choosing new roofing many homeowners focus mainly on color and what their shingles will look like next to their existing siding or brick. Naturally, aesthetics and curb appeal are important. But an even more crucial element of your new roof is the attic ventilation system.

Clearing The Air 5 Facts To Know When Choosing New Roofing

If your roofer doesn’t install a well-designed ventilation system through your attic. Your home could be subject to problems ranging from moisture damage. To irreversibly warped shingles to hazardous mold on your walls and insulation.

Not only can smart choices in ventilation have a positive effect on your wallet. A well-conceived roof replacement can produce an ROI of some 68% when you go to sell. They can significantly impact the beauty of your home and help you

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Q. Why should I have a home inspection?

A: There are several reasons. Buying a home is a significant financial obligation that should involve careful consideration. Among the important factors of location, crime rate, schools, proximity to work, taxes and so forth, the physical conditions and operational states of the systems and components must be evaluated. This is where an independent inspector can offer critical information that can either validate everything is okay or repairs are needed that can possibly be negotiated. It’s a known fact consumers routinely make decisions based on emotion. We offer technical information (independent of emotion) that can position clients to make a sound decision. The American Society of Home Inspectors Association

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