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Home prices rose in July, by 5% over July of 2014.  This is based on the Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller 20 city home price index.  Home prices have risen in all 20 cities over the last 12 months, with San Francisco seeing the highest gain of 10.4%.  

The growth in the economy, including job growth, has led more Americans to buy homes. With a diminished supply of available homes for sale, prices have risen.  As prices rise, existing homeowners feel wealthier, which leads to more spending,. Not only does this help boost the economy even more, it also reduces the number of Americans who owe more than their homes are worth.  

The housing market still faces challenges, as prices rise more than wages, many would-be home buyers are priced out of the

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Hamilton Mill Garage Sale Friday and Saturday, September 25th and 26th.  
Dacula, GA    I-85 North to Exit 120, Hamilton Mill
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With curriculum standards getting tighter in schools, reading, writing and math take up most of the day.  There is no time left for extra lessons, such as personal finance.  How can we teach our kids these valuable, life lessons about money?  

We can start teaching our kids at an early age.  Start by teaching kids the difference between wants and needs, showing them how you earn money to pay the bills.  Set up savings accounts, save for specific short term goals and set up long term savings goals. Consider giving allowances as a way to manage money, not to be used as a source of reward or punishment.  

As children get older, you can introduce more financial principles, such as the stock market.  You can make a game of investing in companies that

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Fall days may be shorter, and the weather may be changing.  Yet Autumn can be a wonderful time to showcase your home.  
Many home buyers are anxious to buy, and to get moved in before winter comes.

Here are six ideas to ready your home for fall buyers:

1.  Decorate for fall.  Your pumpkins, gourds, and mums can all stay out through Thanksgiving.  
Add a fall wreath and welcome matt to your front door.  
2.  Let the light in.  With shorter days, your home will need more light.  Keep interior lights on and perhaps
even increase wattage for additional brightness.  
3.  Remove clutter.  This is always important, but especially now as we tend to leave jackets and boots out.  
Take the time to put them away.  Keep a basket in each room to gather items when a…
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With fall temperatures dropping, the time to replace your air conditioner is now.  Many companies offer incentives as they try to unload the remaining inventory, before the holiday season.  

Here are five signs your air conditioner may be on the brink:  

1)  Temperature fluctuations.  Test the temperature in various rooms, at various times, to see if the temperature on the thermostat is consistent throughout your home.

2)  Noises.  If you hear noises, this could be a sign of a mechanical issue, which may be remedied with good service, or may mean it's time to replace.  These noises may also be contributing to higher utility costs.

3)  False starts.  Pay attention to how often your system starts, and if it starts and stops.  This indicates the

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1570 Windsong Park Drive, Dacula Ga $185,000


Excited to put this great home in Dacula on the market today. Exceptional schools (Fort Daniel/Osborne/Mill Creek).) and...

Posted by Hermes Realty Group on Tuesday, September 15, 2015
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Hamilton Mill sales stats 2014 vs. 2015 for the period of 1/1/2014 - 8/31/2014 and 1/1/2015 and 8/31/2015.

2014 vs. 2015 home sales statistics provided by the Hermes Realty Group: January 1 thru August 31.

Avg. Sales Price: $365,554
Days on Mkt.: 93

Sales: 90
Avg. Sales Price: $348,833
Days on Mkt.: 70

Want more information on buying, selling or investing in real estate please give us a call at 678-775-2787. 

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Fall is a great time for planting in the south.  The soil temperature is warm, and perfect for establishing roots.  In the spring, the soil temperature is much cooler which limits the growth of the roots.  In years when we have a cool spring and dry summer, these plants may not survive.  

In the fall, not only can you purchase plants at a discounted price, but the size of the plants are often larger than in the spring.  Many of these plants have been in the nursery since the spring, making them look tired and worn.  However, the plants will be able to establish their root base throughout the fall and winter, and will look great in the spring.  

There are traditional plants for the fall, such as viola, pansies, and mums.  You could take a less…
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The Hermes Realty Group of Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners named "Best Real Estate Teams in America" as published by Real Trends in 2015.

Dacula, GA, September 2, 2015:  Matt Hermes and the Hermes Realty Group of Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners was named one of the Best Real Estate Teams in America by REAL Trends, as advertised in Real Trends.  The Hermes Realty Group is now a member of the “Best Real Estate Teams in America,” a prestigious national awards ranking sponsored annually by this respected publication.  Hermes and the Hermes Realty Group is now ranked in the top 1 percent of the more than 1,100,000 REALTORS® nationwide.

“The best individual agents and teams—including Hermes award-winning efforts—were nothing short of

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