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Do you have unwanted guests in your attic or crawlspace in Hamilton Mill? Have you been woken at night thinking there is a party happening in your attic? If you are hearing any types of noise in your attic then more than likely you have a wildlife issues that needs to be addressed immediately. 

In the woods, squirrels appear as harmless and delightful creatures. In your home, they are as dangerous and detrimental as rats. When squirrels invade your home or business, they can cause significant damage. Inside buildings, they tend to chew on wires and destroy insulation in attics and walls. On the outside, they damage siding, gutters and construction gaps by chewing holes for access inside. The problem must be addressed at the first sign of infestation.

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The Hermes Realty Group of Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners is hiring TALENT!  Are you or someone you know looking to make a change? Can you handle a exciting opportunity with unlimited growth potential, a six figure income and building towards a life by design for you and your family?

If so we need to talk. 

I am in the process of hiring a handful of individuals to come on board and grow with us.We prefer a person who already holds a real estate license but this is not a requirement. We can help you with that. What we cannot help you with is to have a true desire to make a impact in other peoples lives and your motivation to help others and yourself at the same time. 

Hermes Realty Group is one of the top real estate Teams in the Atlanta

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Where are Hamilton Mill and Dacula home prices heading? Up. Yes, I said it. Prices are going up and will continue to do so for the next few years. 

Home prices have increased in Dacula, Ga and Hamilton Mill over the past year. Dacula has seen a marked improvement in price levels and our overall outlook is pretty good for the foreseeable future. I was recently asked to contribute to a article in the Dacula Patch on home pricing and my repsonse was that "Hermes expects to see that trend continue over the short term despite the potential influx of sellers. "I would expect a 4-6 percent appreciation over the next year and then continue this trend for a few years," he said.

While I caught some flack for this from some in the real estate industry I do

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Hamilton Mill subdivision market update - October 2013. 

Hamilton Mill subdivision has seen a strong real estate market in 2013 with a total of 94 homes sales thru November 12, 2013 according to the FMLS listing service. 

Currently there are only 26 homes actively for sale in the FMLS listing service. This is a definite advantage to anyone looking to sell a home. As inventory falls, this creates more of a Sellers market and winter is a great time to sell. 

If you or someone you know is looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate please give us a call. 678.775.2787.

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Hamilton Mill home values are increasing, Dacula Ga. - Dacula Patch just came out with a article on the home prices in Hamilton Mill area and Dacula, Georgia that you might find interesting. 

Right now the average sales price is Dacula is $179,300 which is a far cry from the average sales price in 2007 of $226,000.

I was asked to give some perspective o nthe pricing that recently came out with that said price levels were increasing at a higher rate than what is being seen in Hamilton Mill in Dacula Ga. Some areas of Dacula have seen a good rise in values but across the board and in the higher price points the trend is much smaller than the numbers I see from Zillow.

Here is a link to the Dacula Patch article. 

If you would like more

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Can you believe this? 49.5% of the properties sold in Georgia over the summer were purchased in cash, according to data published last week by RealtyTrac. This is an incredible statistic but one that we feel is going to be greatly reduced over the coming months, particularly as we quickly head into 2014. We feel this simply because the amount of foreclosure activity has been greatly reduced and prices are increasing. This will move some of the larger investors (who were buying a ton of property) out of the market. 

Georgia homes were purchased with a median home price of $164,039

In some states, all-cash transactions seem to be the norm in other to lock in on a good deal and close quickly.

Many of the states with the most homes sold for cash are

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Don't Wait.....10 Reasons to Sell Your Home over the Holidays

1.       People who are looking for a home during the Holidays are serious buyers.

2.       Serious buyers have fewer houses to choose from during the Holidays and less competition from inventory means more money for you the seller.

3.       Houses show and smell great during the holidays.

4.       Buyers are likely more emotional during the Holidays, so they are more likely to pay your price!

5.       Buyers have more time to look for a home during the Holidays and yet  have a sense of urgency if they are actively looking during this time.

6.       Some buyers must buy before the end of the year for tax reasons or wanting to lock-in a great interest rate.

7.       January is

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Speed limits to "officially" increase on parts of Atlanta's I-285 this coming Friday, November 8th. 

While the posted speed limits on I-285 is currently 55mph, I think we can all agree that anyone going the speed limit is greatly impacting the overall flow of traffic on this part of the Atlanta intersate system. Personally, I think increasing the speed limit is a good thing for one main reason. Speeding tickets.

For more on the speed increase and other information please take a look at this lnk from the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Speed Limit Increase

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