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Sandy Baker

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Sandy Baker

Sandy Baker was very helpful throughout and after the buying and selling process. Highly recommend working her!! 

Jamie Ryal

Originally a Kansas native, my husband and I found our way down to the South after his service in the Air Force to reunite with family. Moving to Georgia has been one of the best things that have happened to us as I was blessed with some amazing opportunities to work with Amazon and Tesla. My significant experience in retail, sales, and customer service has directly correlated and gone hand in hand with real state. 

 After personally enduring a very negative experience with our first attempt at buying a home, I have found my desire and goal is to help prevent others from having anything less than a positive experience with such an important decision and milestone. Therefore, my commitment is to be your strongest advocate, communicator, and negotiator, to exceed your expectations, and help provide the guidance and confidence necessary for your real estate needs. 

P.S. I am also fluent in Vietnamese!

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