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I have known Matt for quite a while and he is a plethora of knowledge when it comes to the Real Estate Market. As a contractor, I know the importance of having a realtor with market knowledge and the contacts that it takes to get the home sold. Not only is Matt well versed in Real Estate, but he has become a "go-to" for the whole community on a variety of information that is pertinent, keeping everyone well-informed on events that are happening around us. Matt and his team know how to get the job done in today's marketplace!

Tom R.

Matt has been my real estate agent for FOUR homes now! If that's not proof positive that I truly recommend him, I'm not sure what else to say.

Matt is incredibly honest, intelligent, and knowledgeable. He has been successful in helping us through several difficult situations involving the normal, but stressful complications of purchasing or selling a home. He is the one you want on your side in negotiations as he stands his ground and knows his stuff! Not only is he an incredibly prolific seller, he is a great guy. He has done countless good deeds for the Atlanta area and has a philanthropic heart that is overflowing with kindness and a desire to help. I can assure you he can sell your house and find your new one as well!

Julee I.

I have known Matt for quite some time. A man who knows his stuff and is top notch in service, you will not regret choosing him as your Realtor!

-Richard Y.

Richard Y.

Robert Byrd with Hermes Reality Group was excellent to work with. He found the house we were looking for in the right location within a couple of weeks. Robert did a great job working around and with our hectic schedule and made this process of purchasing our first home simple and smooth. I highly  recommended anyone looking to purchase their next home to Robert and his team at Hermes Reality Group.

- Heath W

Heath W

Great experience with them. They blasted the market to advertise the house. We got numerous views and offers and they helped us negotiate the best offer. We even had a back up offer in case the first one's loan did not go through. They were so efficient I would use them again without question!

- Lynn L.

- Lynn L.

Without a doubt, I have never worked with a more dedicated real estate agent. He truly has the customer's best interest at heart and always puts his clients needs at the forefront of the transaction.

-Chuck W.

Chuck W

Matt and his team were excellent! They gave me a portal where I could review homes in the area, narrow down my search then arrange to go look. Matt gave me honest feedback on each place we looked at. I've used them in the past to sell/buy 2 other homes. I would recommend them to anyone looking  to buy/sell in the Hamilton Mill area!

-Kris J.

Kris. J

I have worked with Matt over the course of the last 3 years in searching for my home and also in searching for investment properties. His overall professionalism and attention to my needs make him my REALTOR of choice.

He has an amazing knowledge of the community and surrounding areas and is a great resource for all of my questions regarding the process, pricing and bidding & anything Real Estate related.

When we were looking for our home - Matt and I walked into it and I knew I loved it right away, he made a call only to find it was already under contract. A month later - just from Matt knowing how much I liked the house - he called me out of the blue and let me know it was back on the market - we made an offer and won!

He was that intuitive from working with me that he knew what I wanted and stayed after it for me. Not too many people do that these days, but Matt Hermes does!

Matt is a consumate Real Estate Professional - he lives, sleeps, eats, drinks and breathes Real Estate.

Working with Matt Hermes is a Win Win for any and all of your Real Estate needs! I highly recommend Matt Hermes to anyone looking for properties or thinking about buying, selling or renting a home. He is AWESOME!



We listed with Matt after our very first meeting to discuss selling our home. We thought we were a year away from listing, but after meeting with Matt and discussing his intimate knowledge of the current housing market along with the local area we listed the following month. Every member of his  team was great to work with, especially Nicole Giddle. We always received prompt responses and someone was always available whenever we had questions. 



Matt Hermes is an excellent REALTOR. He is the kind of REALTOR that drives the transaction and is not side tracked by all of the diversions and obstacles that can get in the way of you getting into the home of your dreams or selling the home you are leaving. I highly recommend Matt Hermes for any of your Real Estate needs and would bet on him getting the deal done everytime, he is that good. He can get the tough questions answered and solved in a rapid fashion and delivers the facts that you may not want to hear but need to and always has your best interest in mind. He continuously puts your needs in front of the transaction and that is why I use him as my REALTOR. Above & beyond all of this - he is an exceptional human being that is very involved in making his community a better place to live by helping those not so fortunate. If you are thinking of any type of Real Estate transaction - call Matt Hermes.

-Mark F.

Mark F.

Matt and his team were outstanding. When we first discussed our home situation, Matt came with a marketing plan and strategy to get our home sold fast and without sacrificing fair market value. I would recommend Matt Hermes over any other Realtor when the time has come to sell your home.

-David B.

David B.

Our home sold within the weekend it was listed! Matt and his team did a nice job running "interference" for the next 30 days before the closing. As we were in the middle of a relocation, things were a bit stressful. Responsiveness to our questions and concerns was of great importance to us, and  Matt and his team did a nice job returning calls and explaining the process. We appreciate their partnership in making this a successful transition for us!

-Crystal and Bryan

Crystal and Bryan

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