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Hamilton Mill home values are increasing, Dacula Ga. - Dacula Patch just came out with a article on the home prices in Hamilton Mill area and Dacula, Georgia that you might find interesting. 

Right now the average sales price is Dacula is $179,300 which is a far cry from the average sales price in 2007 of $226,000.

I was asked to give some perspective o nthe pricing that recently came out with that said price levels were increasing at a higher rate than what is being seen in Hamilton Mill in Dacula Ga. Some areas of Dacula have seen a good rise in values but across the board and in the higher price points the trend is much smaller than the numbers I see from Zillow.

Here is a link to the Dacula Patch article. 

If you would like more

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Can you believe this? 49.5% of the properties sold in Georgia over the summer were purchased in cash, according to data published last week by RealtyTrac. This is an incredible statistic but one that we feel is going to be greatly reduced over the coming months, particularly as we quickly head into 2014. We feel this simply because the amount of foreclosure activity has been greatly reduced and prices are increasing. This will move some of the larger investors (who were buying a ton of property) out of the market. 

Georgia homes were purchased with a median home price of $164,039

In some states, all-cash transactions seem to be the norm in other to lock in on a good deal and close quickly.

Many of the states with the most homes sold for cash are

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Don't Wait.....10 Reasons to Sell Your Home over the Holidays

1.       People who are looking for a home during the Holidays are serious buyers.

2.       Serious buyers have fewer houses to choose from during the Holidays and less competition from inventory means more money for you the seller.

3.       Houses show and smell great during the holidays.

4.       Buyers are likely more emotional during the Holidays, so they are more likely to pay your price!

5.       Buyers have more time to look for a home during the Holidays and yet  have a sense of urgency if they are actively looking during this time.

6.       Some buyers must buy before the end of the year for tax reasons or wanting to lock-in a great interest rate.

7.       January is

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Speed limits to "officially" increase on parts of Atlanta's I-285 this coming Friday, November 8th. 

While the posted speed limits on I-285 is currently 55mph, I think we can all agree that anyone going the speed limit is greatly impacting the overall flow of traffic on this part of the Atlanta intersate system. Personally, I think increasing the speed limit is a good thing for one main reason. Speeding tickets.

For more on the speed increase and other information please take a look at this lnk from the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Speed Limit Increase

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Homes for Heroes - Duluth, Dacula, Buford, Braselton Ga and surrounding areas can participate in the Hermes Realty Group's Homes for Heroes program.


Homes For Heroes ® offers large savings to local heroes when buying or selling a home: for buyers, this is a home credit that doesn’t expire!, and the low interest rates ...make now the time to buy!

With the housing market making its way back a push is underway to find homes to buy and sell and with this Homes for Heroes® is gearing up to serve as many Heroes as possible. Homes for Heroes aims to help close the gap between the cost of housing and buyers in the following groups: military personnel, police officers,

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Estates at Mountain View - Dacula/Hoschton Georgia - Hermes Realty Group has come across another small enclave of well priced homes for those looking to relocate into the highly sought after Mill Creek school cluster in Gwinnett County. Homes prices starting from the $260,000's.

The Estates at Mountain View offers 9 floor plans to choose from ranging in price from the $260,000's up to the low $300,000's. Paran Homes and President David “Butter” Smith, a 20-year veteran of the homebuilding industry in Atlanta saw a once in a lifetime opportunity a couple of years ago to buy land for future development. Butter commented on the Paran Homes website that “I realized with lot prices so low I could build a quality home and offer it at a price that Atlanta

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What's my house worth in Dacula and Gwinnett County Georgia?

I get this question asked of me all the time and my repsonse is pretty simple. Your home is worth what a Buyer thinks it is worth. Unfortunately, neither the Seller nor the Realtor determine a homes value. Ultimately, Buyers do. What we as real estate agents do control is making sure homes are marketed properly in order to get as much exposure as we possibly can in order to attract ready, willing and able Buyers through the front door.

There are a lot of factors that come into play when discussing a homes value and one resource we offer to potential sellers is our free market evaluation tool from my Guaranteed Sale website. This is a simply fantastic tool that allows potentail Sellers to

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I don't know about you but I have always loved the retro style look in home appliances. For some reason they have just appealed to me. Maybe it was that when I was growing up in the late 60's, we had a few of the older appliances and they seemed to last forever.

Well, don't look now but the 50's are coming back to Gwinnett County real estate. just wrote a really good article on the new, old style refrigerators and other appliances that are hitting the market that have that "old time" look to them.

Here is a link to the article: Retro is cool!

Did you have a favorite appliance or item around the home from the "old days"?

Tell us about them.

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Is another SHIFT in the housing market in the works in Gwinnett County Georgia? Yes.

The real estate market is a contunually fluxuating creature and one that no one has ever been able to properly predict.  Some buyers and sellers want to try and "time" the market and pick the right time to either buy, sell or invest in real estate. While that is a good idea in principle it simply is impossible to predict.  As soon as you sense the market has hit its price bottom, the bottom has already passed and the market is on its way back up. Conversly when someone tries to predict the top of the market when trying to sell, again once it has been reached it starts down and the top has been missed.

There is no consistent way to predict when the bottom of pricing

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