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Is this your last, best chance to buy a home in Gwinnett County Georgia? 

Home values increases, rising interest rates and more stringent loan qualification guidelines are starting to put pressure on the housing market. In some ways there are benefits to selling a home right now however the buyers who are sitting on the sideline may find themselves in a tight spot as we head into 2014. 

 Jay Jenkins wrote a great article on the Mottly Fool website that you need to see and pay careful attention to if you are considering purchasing a home any time soon. 

Take a look at this artilce and let me know your thoughts: Attention Homebuyers, this is your last chance to buy

Three points in the artilce are focused on when looking at buying a home at this

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6 questions to ask before hiring a contractor for your Dacula and Gwinnett County home

When you're ready to remodel, make sure you're hiring the best contractor. Here are six key questions to ask.

1. Can you itemize your bid?  Some contractors like to give one total price for the project. Always ask for an itemized bid with costs for all elements of the job-demolition, framing, plumbing, electrical, materials, and such. This helps with comparing bids and lets you see options for cutting costs. If you decide not to do part of the job, it shows how much you should be credited for eliminating that work. 

2. Is your bid a fixed price or an estimate?  With an estimate, the final bill can wind up higher, so always ask for a fixed price bid. If the contractor

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Tipping for those that provide a service to you this holiday season is a great idea. Every year right around this time the question comes up regarding how much if anything should you tip those persons that provide some type of service to you and your family over the past year. Typically it is an accepted and much appreciated practice to provide some type of gratuity to the hard working people that help us and make our lives a little bit easier. 

Do you provide a tip or gift to those persons that serve you such as your pet sitter, mailman, maid service? How about your children's pre-school teachers, dog sitter, etc..


We wanted to provide you with a little guide and some additional understanding of what you can do to brighten other persons

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Hey Mill Creek, Dacula and Mountain View fans we need to support one of our own. Please take the time to go and vote for Carter Governale of Mill Creek high school as the Fans Choice Player of the Year!

This young man has proven what hard work and dedication to a goal can do in overcoming adversity! His story is one of determination and true grit. He's fought through numerous injuries over the past few years and came back strong in 2013. It does not matter what school you root for, this is one young man that deserves our recognition. 

As always vote early and often!

Vote Here

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Do you have unwanted guests in your attic or crawlspace in Hamilton Mill? Have you been woken at night thinking there is a party happening in your attic? If you are hearing any types of noise in your attic then more than likely you have a wildlife issues that needs to be addressed immediately. 

In the woods, squirrels appear as harmless and delightful creatures. In your home, they are as dangerous and detrimental as rats. When squirrels invade your home or business, they can cause significant damage. Inside buildings, they tend to chew on wires and destroy insulation in attics and walls. On the outside, they damage siding, gutters and construction gaps by chewing holes for access inside. The problem must be addressed at the first sign of infestation.

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The Hermes Realty Group of Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners is hiring TALENT!  Are you or someone you know looking to make a change? Can you handle a exciting opportunity with unlimited growth potential, a six figure income and building towards a life by design for you and your family?

If so we need to talk. 

I am in the process of hiring a handful of individuals to come on board and grow with us.We prefer a person who already holds a real estate license but this is not a requirement. We can help you with that. What we cannot help you with is to have a true desire to make a impact in other peoples lives and your motivation to help others and yourself at the same time. 

Hermes Realty Group is one of the top real estate Teams in the Atlanta

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Where are Hamilton Mill and Dacula home prices heading? Up. Yes, I said it. Prices are going up and will continue to do so for the next few years. 

Home prices have increased in Dacula, Ga and Hamilton Mill over the past year. Dacula has seen a marked improvement in price levels and our overall outlook is pretty good for the foreseeable future. I was recently asked to contribute to a article in the Dacula Patch on home pricing and my repsonse was that "Hermes expects to see that trend continue over the short term despite the potential influx of sellers. "I would expect a 4-6 percent appreciation over the next year and then continue this trend for a few years," he said.

While I caught some flack for this from some in the real estate industry I do

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Hamilton Mill subdivision market update - October 2013. 

Hamilton Mill subdivision has seen a strong real estate market in 2013 with a total of 94 homes sales thru November 12, 2013 according to the FMLS listing service. 

Currently there are only 26 homes actively for sale in the FMLS listing service. This is a definite advantage to anyone looking to sell a home. As inventory falls, this creates more of a Sellers market and winter is a great time to sell. 

If you or someone you know is looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate please give us a call. 678.775.2787.

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Hamilton Mill home values are increasing, Dacula Ga. - Dacula Patch just came out with a article on the home prices in Hamilton Mill area and Dacula, Georgia that you might find interesting. 

Right now the average sales price is Dacula is $179,300 which is a far cry from the average sales price in 2007 of $226,000.

I was asked to give some perspective o nthe pricing that recently came out with that said price levels were increasing at a higher rate than what is being seen in Hamilton Mill in Dacula Ga. Some areas of Dacula have seen a good rise in values but across the board and in the higher price points the trend is much smaller than the numbers I see from Zillow.

Here is a link to the Dacula Patch article. 

If you would like more

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