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The humble can of paint: In the right hands it can transform your home, enlivening dull facades and reviving tired, old surfaces. But in the wrong hands, it just leaves your home looking sloppy. Hiring the right painter requires thorough research and a rigorous vetting process. It also helps to ask the right questions.

In part 2 of my original feature: Expert Advice: How to Hire a Truly Great Painter for Your Home, we once again turn to my trusted painter, Nigel Costolloe, owner of Catchlight Painting, in Newton, MA. As part of the interview process, Nigel notes, pointed inquiries and open-ended questions can reveal a lot about a company’s practices. Here is a list of common painting pitfalls, along with questions that the savvy homeowner can

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...are you thinking what we're thinking? How can there possibly be so many "colors" of the year and how exactly are these colors chosen? Yet, when we see an article we simply HAVE to click on it to find out what they think!

And whether we like the colors or not, it's always fun seeing what each brand  decides to choose & how they choose these colors. So, do you think you'll use any of these colors in your design scheme in the coming year?

 See what each brand thinks will be the 2020 'Color of the Year' Trend! 



Benjamin Moore

Sherwin Williams  



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